Mark Westbrook is a professional acting coach, with clients ranging from beginners to Oscar, BAFTA and Emmy winners.

He was educated at the universities of Kent, Utrecht and Nottingham before his postgraduate director training at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) and actor training at the Atlantic Theater Company’s Acting School in New York City. He worked as a professional director in Britain, Ireland and The Netherlands. He is currently the Studio Director and Senior Acting Coach at Acting Coach Scotland, Scotland’s only full-time private acting studio.

He has been teaching private acting classes in Scotland since 2001. Before this Mark worked as the Head of Acting at a Scottish conservatory and was a University Lecturer in Drama (Acting and Playwrighting) for four years. In 2008, he founded Acting Coach Scotland, Scotland’s only private professional acting studio in the heart of Glasgow.

He has regularly offered advice in the Short List magazine, The Guardian, and in the Dear John column of The Stage Newspaper.

Mark is also writing a practical e-book on acting entitled ‘Truth in Action’ based on his popular blog, a daily acting resource for actors called The Acting Blog, which is a range of acting advice and tips for actors and other individuals in the creative industries.

Mark regularly delivers 5-day acting masterclasses to actors in Sydney, Australia for Acting Coach Australia.

Mark Westbrook has many professional directing credits, these include the Scottish professional premiere of Lee Hall’s Spoonface Steinberg  at the Tron Theatre and Scottish Tour  (see 4* Review) , The Dawn (The Arches), Misterman (The Arches), Matryoshka (The Arches), and The Emotional Life of Furniture (Tron Theatre). Recently he directed a production of Patrick Marber’s Closer at the Old Hairdressers from Broken Bird Theatre, and The Dumb Waiter at the ACS Studio for the Spartan Ensemble. In 2013, he will direct Oran Mor in 2013, Stitching at the Tron Theatre (see 4* Review), Glasgow in April 2013, in summer 2013, his production of The Dumb Waiter will play twice per day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (see 4* & 5* reviews).

In Autumn 2013, he directed Belongings by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm for Delirium Productions  at the Brian Cox Studio in Glasgow, and in October, he directed Blackbird by David Harrower at the Galway Theatre Festival for Mephisto Theatre based in Galway. This production went on to win the GTF touring award and toured Ireland in Summer 2014. He also gave an infuriating acting workshop entitled Rehearsal is the Death of Live Performance at the GTF in October.

In March/April 2014, Mark’s Australian production of Stitching was produced by Little Spoon Theatre company in Sydney, starring two of Mark’s former students, Lara Lightfoot and Wade Doolan.

In November 2014, he directed his first short film, from his own screenplay WONDERLAND for Spartak Films.

He has recently written a short play called STAIN for a 3-week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. The show received a review from The Stage, where they described Stain as “Slick… riveting… (and) practically flawless.”

In 2014, he cast the Indie Demand short film of the year The Magic Box. In 2015, he associate produced R Paul Wilson’s award winning ‘Con Men’ which is now on Amazon Prime Video.

In 2017, he cast R Paul Wilson’s Raindance nominated feature Isolani.

In 2017, he wrote and produced To The Sea, directed by R Paul Wilson. In 2017, he also directed his full time students on their murder mystery musical Edgartown at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He has directed over 30 short student films including G.O.D 5 – Game of Death.

Mark is currently working on a book The Fearless Audition, a performance psychology workbook for actors preparing for auditions.

He currently co-hosts a podcast series called Audition Notes.




Written on July 2nd, 2011